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Frequently Asked Questions



I booked my wedding at 360 East @ Montauk Downs. What are the next steps for the venue?


We do our best to keep everything flawless in your planning process. After booking, please send back a signed copy of the contract within one week, we should go over all the details together. Please note payment schedule and set reminders of due dates on your phone. We will contact you if you're running late, or if we need any other details. We do not send out invoices.

Please put the date of your wedding in the memo section of all checks and in the subject of all emails.


Checks should be made out to Lessing's and mailed out to 360 East @ Montauk Downs located at 50 South Fairview Ave. Montauk, N.Y. 11954

At this time, start contacting your vendors to reserve services (DJ/band, Photographer, Florist)

You should also begin looking at Save the Dates and/or Invitations - Minted is a great site! 

Please review wording with us before initializing and printing.




Important Dates to Note:


Menu and enhancements are due 3 to 4 months before your wedding. Vendor information sheet (we require C.O.I. from all outside vendors), contact name and phone number.


Optional "at cost" enhancements like Wolffer Rose and Montauk Brewery Slim kegs at least one month before event. (Wolffer needs to be ordered before the end of June)


Menu and linen confirmed one month before.


Floor Plan and Final Guest Count – Emailed to 360 East before 5 pm 10 days before your wedding.


*Upon receiving the floor plan and guest count, we will send your final invoice via email in order for you to prepare the final payment.

Final Payment - Certified Check made out to Lessing's, 50 Fairview Avenue,  Montauk N.Y. 11954


Set appointment for final meeting and drop-off.







When do I need to have my menu selected?


We suggest you finalize your menu three to four months prior to your wedding.


Is there a specific day we can come in to taste the food?

Unfortunately, 360 East does not offer tastings. Our Chef comes out specifically for weddings only. Our 19th hole café staff is not involved in our catered events upstairs.

How do I select the cake that is included?

Contact David at or Rene at, a couple of months prior to your wedding. They are expecting to hear from you.

Tastings can be arranged before hand.

Does The 360 East provide printed menus?

No. If you are planning on providing menus, please send a draft to us before printing.


Do we need to have our guest pre-select their entrees?

We prepare all meals on site. We do not require your guests to pre-select their entree choice before hand. Our team will take entree orders on your wedding day.

No need to include a menu selection card with your invitation.



When do I need to tell you about my vendors and do they need insurance?

Your vendor information can be submitted no later than one month prior to your wedding. If they are not on our recommended vendor list, they will need to email a COI (Certificate of Insurance) to with date of wedding in the subject line.


I am working with my florist and need to know about my tables and dimensions.

At cocktail hour we have 10 to 12, 12" diameter highboy cocktail tables, and 6 to 8 patio tables 30"x30" square and 48” round.

The hightops will have a white or ivory cloth. The cast iron tables will not be covered. In the ballroom we offer 60” diameter round tables which accommodates a maximum of ten guest. If your guest count is over 160 we can offer oval tables. Our oval tables measure 36"x96" and accommodate a maximum of 12 guests. We do not mix oval and round tables, although we can place two 60” round table on either side of the sweetheart table when needed.


The sweetheart table is an uncovered mahogany 66”x36’x31”. If you wish to cover it the cloth needs to be a 132x92 or a 156x90 banquet cloth.



​ Do you offer candles?


We offer 3 tea lights per round table and 4 per oval table. We have silver mercury candles for the cake table and the sweetheart table. We place pillar candles in lanterns around the window sill along the stairway and outside the bridal suite. If you wish to add candles please note that all candles needs to be in lanterns or glass chargers. No wax can get on our table linens. For outdoor or on stairs and landing, we recommend electric candles. Even in lanterns candles tend to blow out.



Day of Timing


What time can I arrive to the venue?

You may arrive 2 hours prior to your scheduled guest invitation time. Early arrivals must be scheduled 4 to 6 weeks prior and there is a charge of $150 per hour. (If you are here, I must schedule the bridal attendant as well.)

What time can my vendors arrive?

Montauk Downs opens between 5am and 7am, depending on the time of year. Your vendor will have access to the ballroom in the morning.

The ballroom is not available for photos prior to start time; however, if you wish to take photos on the grounds of Montauk Downs, we must place a fomal request to NYS Parks. Photo permit for Camp Hero is available for $300.


What time is dinner served?

Dinner service depends on when your event is scheduled to begin. The day-of, your maître‘d will make any necessary adjustments to timing in order to ensure your event runs smoothly. Dinner is typically served an hour and a half into your reception time.


Example: 6-7pm cocktail, 7p-11pm reception; dinner would be served at approximately 8:30pm. 





Your ceremony fee includes 360 East arranging for religious ceremony permit and photo permits with NYS Park. However, NYS Parks Dept. does not additional permits if you are hiring buses or if your videographer plans to use a drone (at Camp Hero or Montauk Downs). 360 East will arrange these additional permits if needed and fees will be added to your contract.


2021 prices:

*Bus Permits - Bus permits are required for any vehicle over ten passenger capacity. (Bus Permits are $75.00 each)

*Drone Permits – Drone use is only allowed if we have received a special rider for the photo permit at Camp Hero. We must submit an application 30 days prior. The application must include a copy of the drone operators FCC license. (Drone Permits are $100)

*Photo Permits - $250

*Alcohol – In order to serve alcohol at the ceremony sight we require a special permit, together with additional liability insurance. Cost is considerable; please discuss the options with Douglas well prior to your date. One less expensive option is serving Splits of Prosecco after the ceremony.

We need a stand or table for our ceremony. Can 360 East provide?


Yes, please note that you will need one or the other on your Ceremony Processional sheet.

We have a small foldable card table. We also have a music stand. (We do not have a “podium”) We can also provide one microphone stand.


Does 360 East provide music or a microphone?


We do not provide ceremony music, but can provide a battery powered amplifier, which comes with a cordless microphone and can be used for processional music, or amplification for the officiant. (You provide music and “Dj”.) Amp with microphone is $150. 

Do we have a ceremony rehearsal?


With the ceremony processional sheet, the maître‘d lines everyone up the day-of and will guide each person down the aisle for the processional. No need for rehearsal.

We guarantee 360 East staff to be on premise and in position 30 minutes prior to your ceremony.


Can we get the arch we see in photos?

Yes, we can rent the white bamboo arch from our chair vendor for $250

Each pole is 8 ft long. the span is 7ft.

Chuppah is $350.00

We have signs for the ceremony site

We do not handle the placement of any signs at the ceremony site. 




Does 360 East provide direction cards and seating cards?


Yes. You can pick them up, or request we mail them. Seating cards have a space for you to write each guests name in or have a calligrapher hand letter it.

If you decide to use a seating chart, we recommend you list all names in alphabetical order with their table number in next right hand column and not alphabetical by table.


Do you have an easel I can use for my wedding?


Yes. We have three standing easels at the venue that you may use at the venue.

How do my seating cards get set up the day of my wedding?

Your bridal attendant will read your check-in list and set up your pre-written, alphabetized cards on the card table on your wedding. Card table will be brought out just before the end of cocktail hour.


We have a memory table. Can 360 East provide a table and linen?

Absolutely! Please let us know these details at your final drop-off meeting the week of your wedding.



When should we schedule our final drop-off meeting?

Final meetings are scheduled the week of your wedding; Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday before your wedding. The earlier in the week, the better.  





We want to give out favors, how do you give them out?


A great favor idea is adding the pretzel grill at the close of your wedding, and providing us with wax paper bags with your date and/or initials. The pretzel can be your favor.


If you're providing favors, we can place one at each seat, on the napkin, or at a favor table upon exit.




Lessing's has guidelines, as mentioned in your contract, but here are mine.

Maitre d’ and staff gratuities are not included and are at your discretion.


At Lessing’s, we pride ourselves on impeccable service.

All numbers below are suggestions and can be amended for exemplary service.


Maitre d’ – Event Manager: $750

Bridal Attendant: $350

Captain – Food and Beverage Manager: $300

Wait Staff: $100 each – minimum average of 1 waiter per 20 guests

Bartenders: $100 each – minimum 2 per wedding event

Ceremony - Staff gratuity: Between $250 and $350




Final Steps


When is my floor plan due?

Your floor plan is due 10 days before the wedding. Floor plans must include your wedding name, date, and time, as well as the number of guests per table notated at each table. Tables can seat 8-10 guests. (IMPORTANT NOTE: 11 guests WILL NOT fit at round table) and oval table can seat 8-12 guests (13 guest WILL NOT fit).


We do not mix round and oval tables.


We can rent a 72” round for $35.00 each with a $250 delivery fee.


Oval tables are available free of charge for weddings with a guest list of 165 or higher. Please find standard floor plans under Brides & Grooms. You may also note how many favors per table if there is an exact amount. When complete, you can scan to If you do not have a scanner, you can snap a smart phone photo, or use a free app called Tinyscanner with your phone to send it over as well. Once sent over, we will email you a final invoice to have a certified bank check made payable to “Lessings”. You can bring your last check to your final meeting.

(Note: All payments, except for the final payment, can be mailed to:

Attention: Lessing’s

50 South Fairview Avenue, Montauk N.Y. 11954.)



When is my final meeting and what do I bring that day?

The final meeting is the week of your wedding. At this time, you must bring your Check-In List, Ceremony Processional (in Brides & Grooms) as well as your belongings for the day of the wedding - seating cards (alphabetical order), cake topper, champagne flutes, etc. Please see link for full details:

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